Dragon Ball Teases the Advent of Super Saiyan 4 Rose

One of the biggest recent additions to the world of Super Dragon Ball Heroes was a new transformation that was unleashed by Goku Black, the doppelganger to the Z Fighter who was born thanks to the "Mortal Elimination Plan" put into practice by the rogue Kaioshin known as Zamasu. With the spin-off series diving into characters and elements from the franchise's past, while also adding new stories to the franchise, the latest episode of the anime took things up a notch with Goku Black's Super Saiyan 3 Rose form as well as hinted at an upcoming power-up.

Since Super Dragon Ball Heroes debuted, it's taken the opportunity to dive into several elements that were first introduced during Dragon Ball GT, with the ape-like transformation of Super Saiyan 4 being one of the biggest takeaways of the sequel series. With the first episode bringing Super Saiyan 4 back via the Goku of the Time Patrol and pitting him against the Goku that we know and love, the form has expanded with its Limit Breaker phase as well as being used by the original version of Broly in previous episodes. Though Goku Black never used this power, there were a number of hints in the latest installment that it might be right around the corner.

Twitter User Lightning 446 shared the catch that Goku Black currently has grown a tail, which is one of the major elements that allowed both Goku and Vegeta to transform into Super Saiyan 4s in the sequel series of Dragon Ball GT:

The latest episode saw Goku Black defeated by Gogeta, who had used a new golden aura in order to defeat the most powerful form of the doppelganger. With Fuu still working in the background following the creation of this alternate universe, the Space-Time War is set to heat up and it's anyone's guess as to what other characters from Dragon Ball's history will appear. 

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