Dragon Ball Heroes Drops References to GT in Latest Episode

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has been a dream for fans of the original sequel series to Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, with the spin-off making reference to the events of the series that take place outside of the making continuity of the franchise on a regular basis. With the anime series taking the opportunity to bring back the transformation of Super Saiyan 4 via Goku and Vegeta from the Time Patrol, the latest episode of the Space-Time War made sure to add not one, but two big references to the series that reverted Goku to his younger days.

Over the course of this latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Goku and Vegeta found themselves struggling against the power of Goku Black and his Super Saiyan 3 Rose transformation. With the likes of Freeza, Cooler, and Cumber joining the fray, Goku Black decided to take things up a notch and introduce Omega Shenron, the final opponent of Goku and Vegeta in the last episodes of Dragon Ball GT. With the Goku and Vegeta of that timeline becoming Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, they were able to defeat this evil version of the Eternal Dragon but clearly weren't able to stop him from being brought back in the universe of Dragon Ball Heroes.

On top of the return of Omega Shenron, one Dragon Ball fan, Renaldo Saiyan, was able to spot an Easter Egg that links Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta to the young version of Goku in Dragon Ball GT who was attempting to collect the Dark Dragon Balls in order to save the universe and hopefully restore himself back to normal:

One of the biggest draws of the introduction of this new spin-off anime was the idea that the story can go anywhere, bringing back not only elements and characters from the Grand Tour, but villains and heroes that only appeared in the Dragon Ball Z franchise, both in the television series and movies alike. With the likes of Cooler and Bojack being introduced as pawns of Fuu, it's clear that even dead characters have the ability to return in the spin-off. 


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