Bandai Namco Reveals 'Dragon Ball Legends' Trailer

Bandai Namco held a press conference yesterday where they revealed a new trailer, gamplay footage, and details of the upcoming Dragon Ball Legends mobile fighting game.

Be sure to check out the trailer above - for more details and footage, just scroll down below!

Dragon Ball Legends uses a combination of single-finger screen tap attacks and special card-based attacks, in fight matches that will see players from all over the globe battling one another, thanks to expansive capabilities of Google's new cloud tech, which doesn't limit player connections by region, etc. There are special animated event attacks that play-up destructive aspects of the anime, and also a "Rising Rush" finishing move, based on collecting all seven Dragon Balls during a match. Much like the recent console release, Dragon Ball FighterZ, this mobile game is designed to quickly and easily immerse players in the feel and aesthetic of the anime, while leaving room for depth and growth as fighters gain skill and experience.

Playable characters that have been announced for the game include SSJ Goku, Vegeta, Pan, Freeza, Nappa, and Piccolo. There's also a new character designed by series creator, Akira Toriyama, who has not yet been named.

The game is launching on iOS and Android worldwide this summer, and fans interested can head to the Google Play or Apple app stores to sign up for access to beta that will soon be launched.

You can check out footage from the Dragon Ball Legends Bandai Namco event, below:

The storyline for Dragon Ball Legends is still being kept under wraps, but with Toriyama's involvement, it's certainly going to be a fun one. The new Saiyan character is of particular interest, as his armor looks almost futuristic, and the tease that he's from a different era than Goku could have big implications for the game's story.


With mobile gaming entering a new phase of prominence with titles like Fortnite Mobile causing a stir, it's interesting to see how franchises like Dragon Ball (with its extensive history and library of game adaptations) are keeping pace. Between FighterZ on console and Legends on mobile, fans are closer than ever to being immersed in the experience of the anime. With its global reach, Dragon Ball Legends could become the go-to title for competitive gaming. We'll soon see.

Look for Dragon Ball Legends to be released on mobile this summer.