Color-Pop Dragon Ball Tattoo Honors All Things Majin Buu

Arguably, the strangest villain in Dragon Ball Z happened to be the strongest. When Majin Buu first appeared after being released as a result of the battle between Goku and Vegeta in the third part of the series, nearly everyone thought he was something of a joke. A big, roly poly, pink creature, Buu unleashed his power and defeated everything that stood in his way. Vegeta, while attempting to bring down Buu, died by sacrificing himself in a brilliant explosion. Now, to honor the villainy and design of the pink behemoth, one fan has decided to get a Majin Buu tattoo that shows off his first form revealed in Z as well as the much more malicious form of Kid Buu.

Reddit User HHCBoy shared the amazing tattoo that perfectly captures the menace of both of the pink forms of Majin Buu, placed against a galactic background that the villain would easily destroy if given half a chance:

Finished majin buu by Ben Ochoa at rebel muse tattoo in Lewisville tx. Part of a full dbz villains sleeve. from r/dbz

As fans who followed Dragon Ball Super know, Kid Buu did not survive the events of the previous series, instead being reincarnated as a young boy in an isolated village named Uub. Majin Buu continued to exist however in his pink jovial form, seemingly brought to the light side thanks in part to his friendship with Mr. Satan.

Majin Buu
(Photo: Bandai Namco)

During the events of the anime, Buu has been a worthy addition to the Z fighter roster, helping them in a number of ocassions. During the Tournament of Power however, Buu fell asleep and missed out on the entire fight, though he has returned to help out both Goku and Vegeta in the first against the evil sorcerer Moro. Taking on an entirely new form and personality, Buu continues to add an entirely side to the franchise of Super, usually being the most unpredictable character around whether it be hero or villain.


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