Dragon Ball Preview Hints At Surprise Dragon Ball Loophole

Dragon Ball Super has changed things up with its latest arc, introducing a new bounty hunter with an ax to grind with the Saiyan race and the alien despot, Frieza. Having discovered that the Heeters, a criminal organization looking to take Frieza's army for themselves, were responsible for the death of his mother, a new battle rages in the pages of Akira Toriyama's Shonen series and perhaps, a new loophole has been introduced as the last member of the Cerealian race battles Gas.   

Granolah's wish on the Planet Cereal's Dragon Balls, which are the smallest Dragon Balls that we've seen to date and only require two to make a wish, came with a serious drawback in that in order to get the power necessary to compete with the Saiyans, the bounty hunter had to sacrifice all but three years of his life. While we don't know if the same is true of Gas, the member of the Heeters that is the new strongest being in the universe, a workaround might have been discovered by fans in terms of the Z Fighters combating this new villain. 

Twitter User Herms98 shared the new preview via the Official Dragon Ball Website, with the battle between Granolah and Gas raging on, but showing off the caveat that though a combatant might wish themselves to be the strongest being in the universe, an opponent such as Goku and/or Vegeta can increase their power levels as a result of the fight, in turn turning the tables of who will come out victorious:

During the latest Jump Festa event, an editor for Dragon Ball Super stated that the finale of the Granolah The Survivor Arc might be close to arriving in the manga's pages, leaving many fans to wonder where the Shonen series will go next. As Granolah takes on one of the Heeters responsible for the death of his mother and his race, one has to wonder what the future might hold for this new character and whether he'll spend his remaining three years as the newest Z Fighter or move off on his own. 

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