Dragon Ball Super Movie Makes Big Change to Krillin

Dragon Ball Super is back in action after several years because its anime is making a comeback. [...]

Dragon Ball Super is back in action after several years because its anime is making a comeback. For those who do not know, the series went quiet after Broly made his big-screen return, and the manga has carried the story since. Now, a new movie has been introduced to fans, and it seems the film will take a moment to address an issue that has frustrated audiences for some time.

The whole thing has to do with Krillin if you can believe it. Not long ago, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero gave a first look at its character designs, and Krillin was one of the heroes shown. The fighter is shown in his usual police uniform, but there is something different about his face.

As you can see above, the key art shows Krillin with his usual wide eyes, but they are colored white now. You may not have noticed but the anime has often ignored the whites of Krillin's eye in lieu of a tan color. It is easy to overlook if you are not paying attention, but the staff behind Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes said they made this change after being asked about it.

This tidbit was revealed during San Diego Comic-Con @ Home this weekend, so fans can rest assured this is legit. Krillin will now have (mostly) correct eyes if we're talking anatomy. It does not look like anything else about the fighter has changed, but even this small little revision feels nice to fans.

Of course, Krillin isn't the only character to get a makeover. In fact, the movie itself will usher in a new art style for the Dragon Ball IP. It seems like this film will be done mostly in CG which is a huge change from the anime's previous movie. So far, fans seem to be mixed about the change, but only time will tell whether the direction pans out.

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