Dragon Ball Producer Explains What Makes New Super Hero Movie Different From Broly

Dragon Ball's producer explained what will make its new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie a [...]

Dragon Ball's producer explained what will make its new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie a different experience from Dragon Ball Super: Broly! Toei Animation first announced a new movie for the series was in the works for a release next year earlier this Spring, but finally revealed some concrete details for this next project during a panel for the movie at Comic-Con @ Home 2021. It was here that Toei Animation confirmed that the title for the new movie will be Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and debuted a first look at some of its new characters.

This caught fans by surprise as the first characters shown off for the movie not only included Goku, but Piccolo, Krillin, and even Pan (who has undergone a major redesign for the upcoming film). This had teased that Super Hero would be much different than what we saw in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and producer behind the Dragon Ball franchise, Norihiro Hayashida, further teased that it will contain more slice of life elements than the previous film with a new statement on the Dragon Ball official website.

Dragon Ball Super New Super Hero Movie Goku Toei Animation
(Photo: Toei Animation)

"I think this new movie has a different appeal to the outrageously intense Dragon Ball Super: Broly," Hayashida began. "There are a lot more slice-of-life scenes that really put a spotlight on the rich world that Toriyama has created. Of course, that's not to say the movie doesn't have its share of intense scenes!" Contuining further, Hayashida teased that Super Hero will be bringing in older elements while still feeling fresh.

"It's a perfect fusion of classic Dragon Ball and new aspects to the series, which is why I feel it might just end up being something truly original and groundbreaking!" Hayashida stated. "I really think that we're going to be able to please all the fans out there as well as [Dragon Ball series creator Akira Toriyama] with this movie! Presenting Toriyama's incredible stories and designs in the coolest way possible has always been our mission! I hope you all do us the kindness of waiting patiently and excitedly a little while longer!"

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is currently scheduled for a release next year in Japan, and going by this statement, we'll be getting a much different movie than we had seen before in many ways! But what do you think of this tease for the next movie? What are you hoping to see from Dragon Ball Super next? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!