'Dragon Ball' Reveals New Details About Its Latest Saiyan

Akira Toriyama will not be stopped when it comes to puns. The artist may be best-known for creating Dragon Ball, but his devoted naming conventions are the stuff of legends amongst fans. And, as the world just found out, Toriyama has done the pun overlords proud with his latest Saiyan.

So, yes — the dude is named after a vegetable. He does not even try to hide it.

Recently, fan translators took to social media to share a bit of news about the newest Dragon Ball Saiyan. Not long ago, fans learned a new Saiyan had joined the franchise after Bandai Namco spilled details about its upcoming mobile game Dragon Ball Legends. The game will feature a slew of fighters including one Saiyan fighter who Toriyama designed himself. Now, fans can call the character by his name, so it is time you all met Shallot.

According to @Herms98, a recent Nico Nico stream from Japan revealed the Saiyan's pun-tastic name. The fighter is called Shallot, and his name connects directly to the vegetable. Shallot is the latest of many Saiyans to take on the veggie-friendly connotation since Goku (or Kakarot) kicked the trend off with carrots.

Just think about it. Vegeta is vegetable. Nappa is named after a type of cabbage. Cabba is self-explanatory, and even older fighters like Bardock can tie their names back to veggies like Burdock.

Aside from Shallot's name, there is little fans know about the character. He will be playable as an avatar figure in Dragon Ball Legends, and Bandai has said the character hails from the very distant past. There is no word on whether Toriyama has any plans to bring Shallot into his series' mainline continuity, but Shallot certainly looks like he would fit in. Now, the guy even has the name to prove it!

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