Dragon Ball: Real-Life Scientists Debate if The Anime's Capsules Could Exist

Scientists in the real world debate the question, "Could Dragon Ball's Capsules Actually Exist?"

While the Dragon Ball series will more often than not focus on Goku and his fellow Z-Fighters participating in universe-shattering physical altercations, the shonen series will often introduce wild technology to its universe. While alien races have seemingly far exceeded the Planet Earth's tech in the anime franchise, Capsule Corp has become the premiere company in the series thanks to its wild inventions. In an interview with real scientists, Dragon Ball has shared a debate as to whether the franchise's capsules could exist in the real world.

The Official Dragon Ball website fostered the discussion that had two scientists debating what real world methods could be used to bring Bulma and the Brief family's capsules to life. Ryosuke Yamamura is a researcher at Mercari Inc. and is also a Co-Researcher at the Univeristy of Tokyo's Research Insitute for an Inclusive Society Through Engineering. Joining the discussion was Yoshihiro Kawahara, a Professor of Electric Engineering and Information Systems at The University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Engineering. The pair didn't just debate if capsules could be made in the real world but discussed the best routes in terms of bringing this Dragon Ball technology to life. 

(Photo: Toei Animation)

Could Capsules Work in Our World?

Yamamura discussed whether or not he believed capsules could be made in our world, breaking down how they function in the shonen universe as context, "There are some aspects of the Hoipoi Capsule that wouldn't be too difficult to build, but others would be extremely difficult to pull off. Shrinking something down is totally possible, but making heavy things lighter? That would be a tad difficult. There are many ways to break an object down into particles, but the closest (to Dragon Ball) would be reshaping the objects at the atomic level."

Kawahara added that the only way to "reshape atoms" would be using nuclear fusion and nuclear fission, which would be quite a feat, "But that sort of method, something that could reshape atoms (the fundamental particles of matter) itself, would require nuclear fusion and nuclear fission. I don't have any idea how we could create an arbitrary substance with modern technology."

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Via Dragon Ball Official Site