Did 'Dragon Ball Super' Really Hint At Two Mystery Fusions?

Dragon Ball Super’s latest episode focused on fusions in a big way, but it seems there are two [...]

Dragon Ball Super's latest episode focused on fusions in a big way, but it seems there are two universes who are wanting to bypass the Potara power-up. Universe 3 and Universe 4 made sure to stress they're unwilling to risk the standard fusion, but fans are thinking that may be because the universes don't need a Potara earring to get stronger.

If you watched the anime's latest episode, then you know the Omni-Kings gave the all-clear when it comes to Potara earrings. Fans had wondered if the items would disqualify Universe 6 after Kefla debuted, but the deities decided fusions were too awesome to penalize. After the rule was changed, a few universes began discussing their interest in using their Kai's Potara earrings, but Universe 3 and Universe 4 strayed from the trend.

Ea, the Kaioshin of Universe 3, straight-up admitted his team does "not need the Potara." The god then asked he hardly needs to explain why the fusion isn't needed, and that seems to be because his fighters can already fuse. Universe 3 has a team made up of robots, and fans have speculated Borareta, Koitsukai, and Panchia will fuse naturally.

When it comes to Universe 4, fans are not sure if Quitela is uninterested in the Potara fusion because his team can do so already or if fusions bore the God of Destruction. The universe's Kai admitted their team doesn't need to fuse, and Quitela agreed.

If you look at the team for Universe 4, they squad does not have many fighters left. The anime has only shown the team with one remaining member thanks to Shantsa, but Dragon Ball Super has already revealed the team has two hidden members, Damon and Gamisaras. The pair are bugs, so Quitela may be planning to have these guys hide and outlast the other universes. If that is the case, then the overseers of Universe 4 will want its team to remain separate to bump up its roster count, but Quitela's plan to outlast the guys from Universe 7 and Universe 11 is a bit ambitious.

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