Dragon Ball Super Teases a Mysterious Anime Announcement

Dragon Ball Super has had a busy year. Between its big movie comeback and another manga arc on the horizon, our heroes are being pulled every which way. And thanks to a new post, well – it seems the Dragon Ball team is teasing some sort of anime announcement over on Twitter.

The update comes straight from the official Dragon Ball Super anime profile on Twitter, so the teaser is as legit as they come. As you can see below, the account shared a mysterious update earlier today, and it has something to do with the Red Ribbon Army.

"The return fo the Red Ribbon Army is near," the post reads, and of course, the tweet features an image of the army's logo. The tweet goes on to say a full announcement will be shared tomorrow in the morning, so all eyes are narrowing in on Goku and the gang.

What Could the Announcement Mean?

Of course, fans have their own theories regarding this teaser, and they vary quite a bit. For some, they are certain this update has to do with the Blu-ray release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero as it draws nearer. After all, the movie did bring the Red Ribbon Army back to life, and the tweet even references a line said by Magenta in the movie.

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As for others, they believe the teaser is about something else entirely. Hope for Dragon Ball Super's return to television hasn't died out, after all. There are still millions of fans worldwide waiting for Goku to take back the small screen. And if the Red Ribbon Army has what it takes to kickstart a comeback, far be it from fans to complain!

For now, Dragon Ball and its mysterious announcement will keep fans guessing the night away. Toei Animation plans to share its new project soon enough, and when it does, fans will be ready to take in whatever they're given. 

What do you make of this mysterious teaser? Do you think the Dragon Ball franchise has a new anime in the works? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.