Dragon Ball Super Art Imagines Super Saiyan Blue Kefla

One of the biggest new characters that were introduced in the final arc of Dragon Ball Super's television series was Kale and Caulifla, the female Saiyan warriors from Universe Six who were committed to discovering new transformations as they battled Goku and eventually fused into the character known as Kefla. Now, one fan artist has imagined what the fusion character from Universe Six might look like should she be able to follow in the footsteps of Goku and Vegeta and finally achieve the transformation of Super Saiyan Blue, one of the sequel series' biggest transformations to date.

Super Saiyan Blue is still utilized by the Z Fighters that have the ability to access this power of the gods, though the transformation has been left in the dust by Goku's Ultra Instinct and Vegeta's Ultra Ego respectively. Ultimately, Kefla wasn't able to defeat Goku, with the Saiyan of Universe Seven able to rely on Ultra Instinct Sign, the first level of the technique, in order to knock the fused being off the ring and eliminate Universe Six in its entirety during the Tournament. In both the Moro and Granolah Arcs, Kale and Caulifla have yet to make an appearance, though we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see them return to the series one day. 

Reddit Artist Smartimus Prime shared this new artwork that imagines what the powerful fused Saiyan might look like if she were finally able to achieve the level of Super Saiyan Blue, which might have turned the tide in her initial fight against Goku during the Tournament of Power if she could access the power of the gods:

Super Saiyan Blue Kefla OC from dbz

Fusion has remained an intricate part of the Dragon Ball series since first introduced during the Buu Saga by the character Gotenks, the fusion of Goten and Trunks. With the latest film of Dragon Ball Super: Broly giving us the first canon appearance of Gogeta, fans are left wondering if the fused being might make a return in next year's Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, especially since the 2022 movie has confirmed that the Red Ribbon Army will be returning.

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