Dragon Ball Unveils One of Goku's Sickest Super Saiyan Blue Figures Yet

While Dragon Ball Super might be focusing mostly on Goku's flashy new transformation in Ultra Instinct, one of the biggest moments of the sequel Shonen series was when Son was able to merge the power of Super Saiyan Blue and Kaioken, with the latter technique being learned while training with King Kai in the afterlife. Now, a new figure from Premium Bandai is looking to capture the intensity of this risky transformation that will give fans the opportunity to add this iteration of the Z Fighter to their Dragon Ball collection.

Surprisingly enough, this fusion of Super Saiyan Blue and Kaioken never made its way to the manga, being an anime-only aspect that was added during the battle against Universe Six. In the pages of Dragon Ball Super's manga, it takes quite some time for Goku to master Super Saiyan Blue, which is the power that helps him in defeating foes like Hit during this arc. Arguably, this inclusion in the anime proved to be a major hit for fans, who had been waiting to see Kaioken implemented with the power of the Super Saiyan, though it had also been done in another Dragon Ball Z anime scene following the Cell Saga. 

Twitter User Wario64 shared the first look at the upcoming Son Goku figure from Dragon Ball Super, which is set to release next April, with pre-order for the Super Saiyan Blue and Kaioken fusion already being made available for fans that are looking to add this unique figure to their anime collection:

Dragon Ball Super is set to return next year with a new feature-length film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but the status of the television series is still up in the air at this point. With Dragon Ball Super's manga, Goku has taken the opportunity in the battle against the intergalactic bounty hunter Granolah to combine Ultra Instinct with Super Saiyan during some beats of the fight, showing that Son is thinking outside of the box when it comes to the series. 

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