‘Dragon Ball Super’ Revisited The Cell Games In A Surprising Way

Dragon Ball Super isn’t afraid to pay respects to its past, but fans did not expect the series to bring back the ’Cell Games’ saga. Its latest manga release kicked off by reintroducing Cell to everyone, but the moment was not retold quite how you remember it.

The 31st chapter of Dragon Ball Super began with a curious kick-off. Cell was shown huffing against Hercules as the pair battled, and the martial artist was seen taking the android out. The recreation was done for a TV special within Dragon Ball which honored the ten-year anniversary of Cell’s arrival.

“And that’s how our world was saved by Hercules,” a reporter told everyone before interviewing Hercules for the special. “Then the most peculiar thing happened to our planet. The people who were thought to have been killed by Cell came back to life.”

After a moment, Hercules answered, saying, “Superheroes make miracles happen. That was just another of the many miracles performed!”

Android 18 turned the TV off after the spiel, calling Hercules and his antics rubbish. The program was eventually forgotten as Goku interrupted Android 18 and Krillin’s family night, but the throwback to the ‘Cell Games’ saga was a nice touch for fans.

Of course, anyone who has seen Dragon Ball Z knows Cell did not go out the way Hercules thinks. The fighter did go up against Cell, but Hercules was epically owned by Perfect Cell on TV. It was Super Saiyan 2 Gohan who took out Cell with a father-son Kamehameha, but the world was all-too ready to believe Hercules took the villain out.


At the end of the ‘Cell Games’ saga, humanity did throw its weight behind Hercules. Once the villain’s victims were revived by the Dragon Balls, mankind started to believe Hercules really did beat Cell. The death and resurrection helped the faux hero reach new heights of popularity, and Dragon Ball Super just proved Hercules is still milking the moment. So, the fighter better hope Cell never makes a comeback and sets Earth straight about the hoax.

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