Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 Debuts Draft Pages Ahead of Release

Dragon Ball Super ended 2020 with the debut of a new arc, and it seems the series is ready to dive [...]

Dragon Ball Super ended 2020 with the debut of a new arc, and it seems the series is ready to dive into the story this month. At the start of the new year, it seems things are ready to come together for Goku, and a new set of manga drafts proves as much. After all, the first look at chapter 68 just went live, and it turns out the sneak-peek has a lot to offer.

If you did not know, Dragon Ball Super puts out drafts once a month for its upcoming chapter. The manga is set to put out chapter 68 next week, so the team at Shueisha posted a few drafts of the update for fans. It was there fans learned some intriguing secrets which the full chapter will explore more so in a matter of days.

As you can see above, the Dragon Ball Super draft is sectioned into three parts. The first focuses on a flashback while the second hones in on Granolah. Finally, the third visits Goku and Vegeta as the Saiyans hit up Whis for training in the aftermath of Moro's defeat.

According to the sections of this draft, the first part focuses on Granolah and his childhood. It seems the alien was raised on a planet that was then taken over by the Saiyans and Frieza years ago. When Granolah wakes up, he and his pilot have a conversation about their shared hatred of Frieza. The pair want nothing more than to kill the baddie, but to their knowledge, the tyrant is still dead following the destruction of Planet Namek.

Finally, the Dragon Ball Super draft ends with a check-in on Goku and Vegeta. The pair have come to train with Whis as they unlocked new powers to fight Moro. While the two are there, Whis hints something feels off, and the angel is definitely right. After all, Goku and Vegeta will become top targets fro Granolah once he learns of them. It seems the alien is holding a major grudge, and Goku might be the person who pays for it.

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