Will a New Dragon Ball Super Trailer Drop in 2021?

Dragon Ball Super has been out of commission for some time now, but fans haven't given up hope on [...]

Dragon Ball Super has been out of commission for some time now, but fans haven't given up hope on the anime. While the manga continues the series with new arcs, there are thousands of fans who are crossing their fingers for an anime comeback. Of course, theories continue to crop up that Goku will be back before you know it, so should you expect an anime announcement in 2021?

Well, you shouldn't get your hopes up. Dragon Ball may be down in overall profit these days, but it hasn't dipped enough to sound alarms with Toei Animation.


If you will remember, Dragon Ball Super brought its anime to an end back in 2018 after Universe 7 won the Tournament of Power. The ordeal was an epic one that hyped fans up in a big way, but Dragon Ball Super segued out of the arc with little fanfare. Of course, the manga carried that energy forward into a new arc, but the anime went silent until its first movie debuted. The release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly proved how popular the anime was with fans, but there has been no news on that front since December 2018.

Still, this history has not dissuaded fans from hoping for more anime. Rumors crop up frequently about the show's return, but Toei Animation has stayed mum on such issues. Fuji TV has also kept quiet on a possible comeback or even a new Dragon Ball series entirely. Given the continuation of the manga, fans believed Goku's comeback is a matter of when rather than if. However, Toei Animation has its hands full at the moment. From One Piece to Digimon Adventure, the studio has other commitments to take care of, so it seems highly unlikely Goku will return to the small screen in 2021.

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