Dragon Ball Super Debuts Chapter 74 Promo

Dragon Ball Super has changed the game once again in its current hard-hitting arc featuring [...]

Dragon Ball Super has changed the game once again in its current hard-hitting arc featuring Granolah the Survivor, with Vegeta unleashing a brand new transformation to give him a much-needed assist against the most powerful mortal in the universe. With Goku being defeated while wielding the power of Ultra Instinct, the Prince of the Saiyans has stepped up to the plate and revealed his trump card, a transformation that he was able to apparently learn while training beneath the god of destruction Beerus, which give Vegeta a much scarier makeover in this battle that was spawned from the Saiyan race's past.

The promo itself does a good job of keeping Vegeta's new power-up under wraps, not displaying the transformation in the new video but definitely showing us the build-up to the Z Warrior's ace up his sleeve. As readers know, Granolah was able to become the strongest mortal in the universe thanks to using the power of his planet's Dragon Balls, with this increase in energy coming with a bitter price. With his lifespan being drastically reduced to only three years as the cost of his newfound power, Granolah is working to score revenge against the Saiyans who destroyed his race, as well as the villain who ordered the hit in Freeza.

Twitter User DB Hype shared the brand new video that highlights the battle between Vegeta and Granolah, which saw the Prince of the Saiyans explaining to the Cerealian that being the strongest isn't everything and the training necessary to back one's strength is the true factor in determining a fight's victor:

Vegeta's new transformation hasn't been given a name as of yet, but fans are debating as to what the Saiyan Prince's godly power will be dubbed, with some believing it might be Super Saiyan God of Destruction. On top of this debate, we aren't sure if Vegeta's hair changes color as a result of this new power-up but it's clear that Vegeta is well on his way in following the path of Beerus instead of diving into Ultra Instinct.

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