Dragon Ball Super Just Unleashed Bardock's Best Battle Yet

Dragon Ball Super has fully brought Goku's father Bardock into the series' fold, and has unleashed his best fight in the franchise yet with the newest chapter of the series! The more the Granolah the Survivor arc has been exploring the connection between the titular Granolah and the Saiyan past, the more fans have surprisingly been able to see Bardock in action as it was revealed that he was the one who had saved Monaito and Granolah from the Heeters decades before. Now the newest chapters of the series are diving into a milestone fight between the fan favorite Saiyan and Gas. 

With the previous chapter of the series taking it back to the past as Bardock fought against Gas, the newest chapter of the series takes this one step further as fans got to see the full extent of the fight that had been teased through the arc in the previous chapters. As many fans have guessed, it's the most prominent fight the fighter has been a part of for the series thus far, and fans get to see a whole new side of the Saiyan as he does everything he could against the powerful Heeter. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 83 of Dragon Ball Super picks right back up with the flashback fight between Bardock and Gas, and it's quickly revealed that the Saiyan indeed had been struggling just as much against the Heeter in the past as Goku and the others are in the present. Gas isn't as powerful, of course, but the same wide divide of strength is apparent right off the bat as Gas uses the same extent of abilities he had been using against Goku and the others. Taking it even further, Gas even unleashes his full potential and pushes Bardock to his limits. 

Bardock quickly runs out of options just like Goku, and like the Saiyans are want to do, Bardock digs deep within himself to ultimately claim the victory over Gas when he taps into a pseudo version of his Super Saiyan power. This ends up being enough as Gas is overwhelmed by his true nature (making Elec's wish in the present make more sense) and with one final push from Bardock, Gas was defeated. It ends up being a major victory for the Saiyan, and he and Monaito thus are able to escape with their lives. 

Now it just remains to be seen how this knowledge of Bardock's fight in the past ties into how Goku can defeat Gas in the present, so what do you think? How did you like seeing Bardock fight against Gas with the newest Dragon Ball Super chapter? What do you think it means for what we already know about the Saiyan's final fate? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!