Dragon Ball Super Cosplay Plays Ball With Vegeta

Dragon Ball Super's anime has been on hiatus after the end of the Tournament of Power Arc, with two movies exploring the lives of the Z-Fighters following Universe Six's victory against the likes of Jiren and the countless other warriors that made up this unique battle. While the television series did stick primarily to its source material from the manga, it also introduced fans to some unique adventures and conflicts that never made their way onto the printed page, including the Saiyan Prince's stint as a baseball pitcher, which one cosplayer has brought to life.

If you missed the episode that featured the Z-Fighters forming a baseball team in Dragon Ball Super, it was the seventieth installment of the anime adaptation, with Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and many other Z-Fighters engaging in a "friendly" game against the warriors of Universe Six. Of course, despite not being anywhere close to his fellow teammates' power levels, Yamcha was a key ace up his team's sleeve, having previously made it his profession on the baseball field following the conclusion of the original Dragon Ball series. Of course, this also gave the anime the perfect opportunity to re-ignite the rivalry between Vegeta and Yamcha once again.

Dragon Ball B...aseball

Instagram Cosplayer Alaska Jere Cosplay took the opportunity to bring back Vegeta's baseball aesthetic, with the Z-Fighters having yet to return to the ball field following their match against Universe Six earlier in the anime adaptation:

While the Dragon Ball franchise has given anime some of its biggest battles, the series from Akira Toriyama has also taken the opportunity to throw some hilarious moments at fans to boot. Such is the case with the latest arc featured in the Shonen's manga, as teenage Goten and Trunks work as the newest superheroes on the block, following in Gohan's footsteps by taking on the Saiyaman moniker. While the two young Z-Fighters haven't been shown playing baseball recently, the recent chapter saw Trunks playing basketball against an android created by Dr. Hedo.

Do you think we'll one day see the Z-Fighters return to the baseball field? When do you think we'll see the prince of all Saiyans make his manga return? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Dragon Ball