Dragon Ball Cosplay Highlights Vegeta's Original Look

It's been quite the long journey for Vegeta over the course of the Dragon Ball franchise's very long run, and one awesome cosplay is a good reminder of how it all started for him by highlighting his original Saiyan armor look from his debut! Vegeta might currently be Goku's best and strongest ally to date, but as fans know well enough by now, this is far from how it all actually began for the Saiyan Prince. He started off as the major antagonist of the Saiyan arc early in Dragon Ball Z's run, and has been changing ever since. 

These changes continue through the current events of the Dragon Ball Super manga as Vegeta is even more different than the fierce killer he was back then, but it's still cool to remember just how long it's been for Vegeta. One of the best ways to really think about how far he's come is to look back on his Saiyan saga introductory look, and artist @yaizaperezs on TikTok has brought this look to life through some awesome body paint cosplay! Check it out: 


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What's Next for Vegeta in Dragon Ball? 

As of the current arc of Dragon Ball Super, both Vegeta and Goku are still in the wake of their surprising loss to Frieza, who has since grown into the strongest fighter in the universe. Now that they are training off planet together with Beerus in anticipation of a rematch with the all powerful villain, the manga will eventually lead into the events of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero feature film that saw Vegeta finally getting a much needed victory over Goku. 

Vegeta has been growing in prominence over the last few arcs as he has been steadily getting his own powerful forms to combat just how much Goku has been growing with his use of Ultra Instinct. It's clear that the Saiyan Prince will grow even further as the series continues, but it's yet to be determined how much stronger he might get compared to Goku. But that's also what keeps their rivalry all the more entertaining. 

As Vegeta continues to grow, Goku is sure to grow alongside of him. That means the potential future fights still to come will break through all those god levels! But what are you hoping to see from Vegeta as Dragon Ball continues? Let us know all of your thoughts about it and everything anime in the comments!