‘Dragon Ball Super’ Preparing An Epic Android 17 and 18 Tag-Team

With the Tournament of Power more than halfway finished, Universe 7 is about to become the target [...]

With the Tournament of Power more than halfway finished, Universe 7 is about to become the target of another big attack. Universe 2 is looking to take down Goku's squad, and the anime will see its most powerful fighters try to ring out the Saiyan. However, it seems like Androids 17 and 18 will team up to take the heat off Goku's shoulders.

This week, Dragon Ball Super will release its 117th episode. The update will check up on Goku as he recovers from his exhausting battle with Kefla, and the Saiyan will rely on two of his friends when Ribrianne rears her lovely head.

Thanks to translator @Herms98, fans can check out the full synopsis for Dragon Ball Super's next episode. You can find the summary below:

"The android combo rescues Goku from danger! Ribrianne targets Goku right as he's worn out from an intense battle! But then 17 and 18 appear! 18 takes Goku's place and challenges Ribrianne to one-on-one combat while 17 takes on Rozie. Can the two of them prevail against Universe 2's strongest?!"

As you can see, Goku will be in no mood to mess with Ribrianne this week. The Saiyan has sparred on-and-off with the Universe 2 fighter, but Ribrianne won't hesitate to knock Goku out while he's down. Android 18 will then sub in for Goku, and the fighter will challenge Ribrianne with an occasional assist from her brother.

So far, fans are not sure how the fights will go down. The anime's preview for episode 117 sees Goku encouraging the Androids to show off their all-new teamwork, so fans are anticipating some tag-team dynamics to come into play. Neither of the Universe 7 fighters have spent too much time in battle, and their infinite energy stores will make them formidable opponents. If fans have it their way, the duo will knock out both of the Universe 2 fighters, but there is always a chance Ribrianne may take an Android out when she goes.

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