'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers Reveal Freeza's Stunning Return

Of all the big mysteries surrounding the end of Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power, there's [...]

Of all the big mysteries surrounding the end of Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power, there's been one particularly big X-factor looming over the fight: what role Freeza will play in the final fight against Jiren. Freeza has managed to avoid being an active combatant in the final round of the tournament, but somehow also avoided being eliminated entirely. Fans have been speculating about what this could mean for Dragon Ball Super's ending - and thanks to the final round of episode SPOILERS, we now know!

This is a huge revelation - but not one that was totally unexpected. In fact, we identified this as a possible outcome, when we speculated on the most likely endings to the Tournament of Power. It now seems apparent that Freeza will be the sole survivor of the tournament elimination process, not only securing the victory for Universe 7, but also possibly getting his hands on the Super Dragon Balls wish - and that's where things could get very interesting.

What Freeza does with a Super Dragon Balls wish is a major question that could very well be left hanging when Dragon Ball Super ends. Freeza could remake the Dragon Ball Universe into something that is a much darker reflection of his Universal Emperor status, a new reality that would serve as a nice entry point into the next Dragon Ball anime series.

The bigger question is: how would this change the characters' relationships and goals? It would be particularly interesting to see how Goku deals with having to owe such a big debut to Freeza; what Freeza would do with this new position as Universe 7's savior; and how Jiren reacts to the notion of an evil-doer becoming a major power-player in the universal hierarchy.

All these questions will have to wait, though: as of now, we still have the epic fight between Goku and Jiren to get through!

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