Dragon Ball Cosplay Digs Into Future Trunks' Classic Look

Dragon Ball has plenty of characters to its name, and it seems the roster of fan-favorites is growing. Goku and Vegeta have been on that list for years, but others are joining in at long last. As you can imagine, Future Trunks is high on that list now, and one fan is sharing their love for the time-traveling Saiyan with a cosplay.

The look comes courtesy of cosplaynay over on Instagram. It was there the user posted their take on Future Trunks, and they put things pretty aptly in the caption. "Melanin has just entered the Saiyan race," cosplaynay wrote, and the Dragon Ball makeover shows how great the makeover went.

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As you can see above, the cosplay is taken from Dragon Ball Z as Future Trunks shows off his full look. The fit is completed with a blue leather jacket compete with patches and black undershirt. The outfit also comes with a black shirt, strapped tan boost, and a yellow-blue belt. The only accessory needed to complete the cosplay is Future Trunks' sword, and cosplaynay reimagined the hero's hair with blue-black braids.

So yeah, if you thought Future Trunks couldn't get cooler, think again. This Dragon Ball design is pretty perfect, and you have to give cosplaynay all the kudos for their work. If you want to see more pieces from them, the artist can be found on Instagram right here. So be sure to hit them up with a follow and like!


What do you think of this take on Future Trunks? Who else should the Dragon Ball fan base a cosplay on...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.