'Dragon Ball Super' Preview Sees Goku Ask Freeza For Help

This weekend, Dragon Ball fans will be treated to a rather strange team-up. Goku is set to ask Freeza for an assist against Universe 3, and the latest preview for Dragon Ball Super teases the odd moment.

As you can see above, Toei Animation has released a reel previewing the next Dragon Ball Super release. Episode 121 will follow Universe 7 as they are forced to fight Aniraza. The massive mecha will rain down destruction upon Goku's squad, and the Saiyan will lean on Freeza and Vegeta to help them out.

"Paparoni's secret plan is activated and the ultimate giant warrior appears," Goku can be heard saying in the new episode reel.

"With its overwhelming destructive attacks, the fighting stage might fall apart! Vegeta, Freeza, lend us your strength," the hero pleads.

The preview shows Freeza launching forward Aniraza with an energy attack at hand. Vegeta is also shown in a close-up sending an attack off with Super Saiyan God Goku by his side. Clearly, the threat Aniraza poses is so great that is makes Vegeta bite back his pride.

As for Freeza - well, the villain may just want to take out Aniraza since the robot kind of looks like him.

If you want to read up about the next episode of Dragon Ball Super, you can check out the official synopsis for "All-Out War! The Ultimate 4-Way Combination vs Universe 7's Total Offensive!!" below:


"Paparoni shouts that he will show them Universe 3's ultimate secret technique, and an intense flash envelops his surroundings. Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and the others use their hands to shield themselves from the intense light, and 17 and 18 bow their heads. When the light dies down and their vision returns, they see the gigantic form of Aniraza."

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