Goku Heads to Hawaii in a New Dragon Ball Super Sketch

Dragon Ball Super is living the good life right now, and for once, the anime has given Goku a bit of a break. Right now, all eyes are on the anime as Gohan and Piccolo have stepped in to lead its movie comeback. This has given Goku some time to rest and relax, but no one expected the Saiyan to take his time off so seriously. However, a new sketch proves Goku is thriving this summer, and he's doing so with a Hawaiian getaway.

After all, Dragon Ball released a new promo just recently, and its was there the manga's artist explored Goku's recent vacation. Toyotaro was tasked with drawing a special summer sketch of the Saiyan to celebrate a big convention in Japan. As you can see below, the artist decided to dress up Goku as if he were on a Hawaiian vacation, and the look certainly suits the hero.

The hero's gravity-defying hair is wrapped in a lei, and Goku is rocking a thick beaded necklace over his shoulders. With his torso bare, fans can see Goku's chiseled physique with ease as his lower half is covered by a Hulu skirt. And if you somehow missed it, Goku completes the whole look with a ukulele in hand.

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This sketch makes it clear Goku is having a good time on vacation, and this is hardly the first time Dragon Ball has been tied to Hawaii. While the series has never made any formal nods to the former territory, creator Akira Toriyama has featured a number of stereotypically Hawaiian motifs in Dragon Ball. From clothing to architecture and Roshi's iconic Kamehameha, Dragon Ball has borrowed from Hawaiian culture on several occasions. And now, this sketch gives Goku the chance to experience part of the Hawaiian Islands firsthand. 

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