Dragon Ball Fan Signals Vegeta's Return by Making an Actual Saiyan Pod

Dragon Ball has some wild technology at its fingertips, and of course, fans would love if some of it were real. Power Scouters alone could start all kinds of feuds, but when it comes to space travel, Saiyan Pods remain a favorite with fans. After all, the spacecraft allowed even the lowest-class Saiyans to traverse the universe, and we saw that firsthand with Goku and Vegeta. So of course, the fandom turned its head when one fan decided to make a Saiyan Pod in real life.

As you can see over on TikTok, the user Astral Blaster caught the anime fandom's eye with his wild creation. It turns out the craftsman decided to put his carpentry work to good use by building a life-size replica of a Saiyan Pod. You can find the fan here as they detailed much of the building process with followers before they gave the whole thing a solid paint job. So if you want to follow in Astral Blaster's steps, we wish you the best of luck.


And I did it 3 times 😬 #spacecapsule #saiyanspacepod #dragonball

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After all, let's be real. It is no easy task to build a Saiyan Pod. This replica looked challenging enough without delving into the space-travel tech found in Dragon Ball. We loathe to do it, but Frieza's race gets props for creating the compact spacecraft.

Of course, it has been a hot minute since the Dragon Ball anime paid any attention to these pods. Bulma has come up with much nicer modes of space travel, so Earthlings in space can ride in style. Still, these Saiyan Pods were the 'it' mode of transportation for a while. Goku arrived in Earth on one of these vehicles while Vegeta and Nappa used them on their missions years later. Now, Astral Blaster has brought this somewhat retro tech back to life, and Dragon Ball fans are eating up the life-size tribute. 

If you want to catch up on Dragon Ball and its latest tech, the series has plenty to offer. Last year, the Dragon Ball Super anime return as its second film went live. No word has been given on when or if Dragon Ball's television anime is on deck to return any time soon. As for the manga, Dragon Ball Super is carrying on with all-new arcs with monthly chapters, so you can read up on them through the Shonen Jump app. 

Would you like to build one of these life-sized pods for yourself? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.