Dragon Ball Super's Latest Transformation Reveals The Heeters Are Like Saiyans

Dragon Ball Super's newest (and in some ways most nefarious) villains the Heeters are more like Saiyans than we ever thought! The latest arc in Dragon Ball Super's manga, "Granoloah The Survivor" introduced the Heeters as a syndicate of middlemen and information traders, who have a long history working with the likes of Freeza. It didn't seem like the Heeters were much of the brawling type – with the exception of their smallest brother, Gas, who was clearly always a deadly warrior... However, in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 we get the added surprise that Gas (and the Heeters) have another fighting form entirely – one that is eerily similar to Saiyans! 

(WARNING: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 SPOILERS Follow!) 

The chapter of Dragon Ball Super is titled "Gas vs. Granolah, Part 2" and that's exactly what it is. Gas and Granolah (last survivor of the Cerealian race) fight it out in the second round of their battle, and as the official 'strongest warriors in the universe,' it is quite a battle, indeed! 

Round 1 of the battle went to Gas, who nearly took out Granolah with is Dragon Ball wish-infused new powers. A Senzu Bean got Granolah back in the fight, and in Round 2, the Cerealian manages get the drop on Gas (with help from some clone bodies) and hit him with a critical blast. 

When Gas is down, the Heeters' leader Elec approaches his little brother and finally removes his leash – i.e., the jewled headband Gas wears. With that limit on Gas's power gone, the youngest Heeter suddenly goes through a wild, swole, transformation, that leaves him looking like Broly! 

Conversation amongst the Heeters reveals that this transformation comes from them 'unleashing their instincts.' However, like a Saiyan Great Ape (or Broly) that instinctal power comes at the cost of control, as the Heeters refer to Gas having 'lost himself' before in battle – like he did against Goku's father Bardock, 40 years prior. But that's not where the similarities between Heeters and Saiyans ends... 


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 ends with Gas nearly going wild and taking out his own family – but instead, the villain achieves a new kind of "awakening." Much like going Super Saiyan, Gas pulls all of the wild rage and "instinct" of his new form into focus, via his new level of power from the Dragon Balls. Gas goes back to something resembling his normal form, albeit retaining certain characteristics of his "wild" form (like the longer fangs on the sides of his head). 

The mystery of who and what the Heeters are is still very much unfolding. They've already been revealed to be players in some of the biggest events in Dragon Ball's past – and now its clear they come from a race that may have similar potential for battle and power evolution as Saiyans. Hence why we called them some of Dragon Ball's most dangerous villains ever