Dragon Ball Super: Why The Heeters Are Some of the Most Dangerous Villains

Dragon Ball Super's latest manga arc "Granolah The Survivor" has introduced some interesting new antagonists into the Dragon Ball series. Those antagonists are "The Heeters," a family that runs the "Heeter Force" (or Heeter Army). The four siblings include the leader, Elec, sister Macki, portly bruiser brother Oil, and the small but very powerful and deadly Gas. As the Granolah arc unfolds, and we learn more and more about the role the Heeters play (and have played) in the Dragon Ball Universe, the more it becomes clear: The Heeters are, in fact, some of the most dangerous villains we've ever seen in Dragon Ball! 

The Granolah arc started by painting The Heeters as a mysterious sort of group, that really looked like middlemen thugs, brokering in things like intel and goods. However, the group quickly revealed itself to be linked to Freeza in a pretty significant way, as longtime business partners of the evil overlord. That connection has recently been revealed to be even more significant than we thought: Freeza would use his Saiyan warriors to commit genocides like the one on Granolah's home planet, Cereal, so that the Heeters could then sell the unpopulated worlds to new species of buyers in need of a new home. 

That reveal alone makes The Heeters the worst sort of villains: the kind scheming in the shadows unseen, while doing the utmost harm to entire worlds of innocent beings - all for the sake of profit. However, the decades of longevity as one of the universe's most nefarious criminals is only the first bit of evidence of how dangerous The Heeters truly are. The group deftly set Granolah against Goku and Vegeta using their lies and manipulation (even going undercover on Earth!), with hints that Freeza is their ultiamte target. And, as we're now learning, The Heeters aren't just mastermind villains - the have the muscle to back themselves up in a fight! 

(Photo: SaoDVD on DeviantART)

Gas has stood out amongst his siblings. The impish little alien always had the look and feel of a childlike character who will be revealed as an evil powerhouse, much like Buu. What's more, it's been revealed that Gas had a pivotal fight with Goku's father Bardock on Planet Cereal - a fight that left the young Heeter pretty scarred about Saiyans. It's now being hinted that Gas could be powerful enough to rival Granolah's power - which has already been proven to be more than a match for both Goku and Vegeta's abilities - possibly even Freeza's. 

If chess-level scheming and Saiyan-killing power weren't enough to prove that The Heeters are a major new kind of threat in Dragon Ball, there's just one more detail to note: through Granolah and the Z-Fighters, The Heeters now know the Dragon Balls exist, and are going to use them to finally overcome Freeza to be the ruling force in the universe.

It's refreshing to see Dragon Ball Super introduce a team of bad guys that actually cover a lot of bases, rather than being flat and one-note. It's also fun that even though this Granolah Arc has been a long one, it still feels like we're just scratching the surface of The Heeters' powers and influence. 

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