Dragon Ball Super Explains The Heeters' Devious Long Game

Dragon Ball Super explained the devious long game plan the Heeters have had in place with the newest chapter of the manga series! As the Granolah the Survivor arc continues, fans are beginning to learn that the real threat of the arc isn't the foe the arc is named after, but instead a foe that has been operating in the shadows. Previous chapters of the series have seen the Heeters orchestrating the clash between Granolah and the Saiyans as a way to keep them all occupied while they hunted for the Dragon Balls, but this is apparently part of an even grander scheme. 

The newest chapter of the series digs further into the past of Planet Cereal and explores more of the day that the Saiyans came to wipe out the Cerealian and Namekian people. While it had been revealed that the Heeters were a scheming group that used their ideas to net as much money as they could, it's further revealed that they acted like brokers to the Freeza Force and used the planets following the destruction of its people. But they have also been planning something else this whole time, to reign supreme. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 77 of the series reveals more of how Bardock was ultimately the one that helped Granolah and Monaito escape their planets' destruction, and with it revealed that the Heeters indeed sold off the planet to the Sugarians as part of an overall effort to take over and make money. They only give Frieza's forces a fraction of the money they make, and hide as much of it as possible under Frieza's nose. Their goal is to one day overthrow Frieza and take the army for themselves, but that plan has likely evolved over the years. 

The end of the chapter teases that they are close to finding the second of Monaito's Dragon Balls, and further goes to show just how long they have been planning their take over. It demonstrates just how cautious of a strategist Elec really is, and it does beg the question of what their ultimate goal is overall if the Heeters have been waiting all this time to make their move on Frieza. Especially because Frieza was dead for a majority of the last few years too. 

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