'Dragon Ball Super' Just Revealed How Much Stronger Jiren Can Get

Dragon Ball Super is quickly approaching the finale of its Tournament of Power arc, with just Goku's Universe 7 team left standing against the formidable threat of Jiren and the Universe 11 Pride Troopers. After the display of power from Jiren during the halfway point of the tournament, fans have been wondering just how powerful the enigmatic fighter really could be. Well, thanks to the latest synopses for upcoming episodes of DBS, we now have a much better scale for Jiren's true power!

According to the Animedia summary for the upcoming episode 124:

"Goku and Vegeta challenge Jiren together, but even teamed up their attacks have hardly any effect. Instead, Jiren seems to be raising his battle power even higher. Meanwhile, Universe 7's Son Gohan goes to help out Freeza as he battles Universe 11's Dyspo."

If you've been wondering what the limit of Jiren's power is, then you have a new answer to ponder: it's above the combined might of both Goku and Vegeta!

Dragon Ball Super Jiren by rmehedi-dbn3hcn

Jiren has been a big mystery hanging over the Tournament of Power, and it seems as though we may have to move beyond the Tournament of Power arc, in order to get the full story on the noble Pride Trooper. It's going to definitely be an interesting turn of events, as these same episode spoilers reveal that Toppo will become a God of Destruction as a result of the tournament.


How Jiren will react to his teammate's new godly status, as well as Jiren's reason for joining the tournament in the first place, are both questions that fans expect to carry us into the next phase of the Universe Survival arc.

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