Dragon Ball Super Explains Gas's Grudge Against Granolah

Dragon Ball Super is continuing to tell the story of the member of the Cerealian Race, Granolah, who swore revenge on the murderers of his race in Frieza and the Saiyan race. With the criminal organization known as the Heeters creating a plan in which the intergalactic bounty hunter for hire would battle against Goku and Vegeta, it seems that the trio of fighters might need to lay down their swords and form a shaky truce, as the latest chapter not only amps up Gas but reveals why the most powerful members of the Heeters has an ax to grind with Granolah.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga, Chapter 78, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into spoiler territory.

The Heeters made good use of the Cerealian Dragon Balls, wishing for Gas to become the strongest being in the universe, and since their wish was made after Granolah's the formerly tiniest member of the criminal organization is now the biggest. The Granolah The Survivor Arc began with Granolah and Gas battling against one another when the bounty hunter had completed his mission, though the Cerealian was hardly a match for the Heeter, who struck him down. Now, it seems that the tables have turned once again and Gas is free to reveal why he hated the Cerealian warrior:

"I never liked you. I provide enough muscle for the Heeters. You are not needed. At last, I am free to kill you."

Following this declaration, Goku attempts to interject and stop Gas from delivering a killing blow to Granolah, but unfortunately, the Saiyan warrior also doesn't seem to stand a chance against the new strongest being in the universe. With Gas now having the ability to create weapons made of pure energy, the Heeter makes quick work of both Granolah and Goku, leaving the fate of the fight now in the hands of Vegeta, as the Prince of the Saiyans seeks to grab his spare Senzu Bean. Needless to say, Gas has become the biggest threat in the universe to both the Saiyans and Granolah alike, requiring the former enemies to band together.

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