Dragon Ball Super Delves Into Bardock's Power Level

Goku has become a full-on icon in the anime world, and Dragon Ball is to thank for his lofty status. At this point, the franchise is known the world over, and Dragon Ball Super is bringing even more fans into the fold. This means anyone tied to Goku gets the spotlight shone on them, and Bardock is the most recent to come into focus.

If you are caught up with the manga, Dragon Ball Super hasn't been shy about its turn to Bardock. Goku's father showed up in the latest arc as fans discovered the Saiyan has a curious connection to Granolah's history. This look into the past has been huge for fans, and now, Bardock's power levels are coming into question.

After all, Dragon Ball Super went to great pains to show Bardock's skills in this arc. Chapter 78 pushed that a step ahead when Vegeta asked how the Saiyan's fight with Gas went back in the day. As it turns out, Bardock did beat Gas during his visit to Planet Cereal. This update fueled Vegeta with hope since Berserk "was a low-class warrior", but Gas has since powered up.

Now when it comes to Bardock, we know the Saiyan has some wild strength. We know Goku's father was not able to defeat Frieza, but fans are convinced he might have had a chance if given more time. We know Bardock has the seeds of power given how Goku turned out, but it seems the Saiyan is stronger than Vegeta realized. Gas isn't a low-class warrior by any means, so it is good to know Bardock was a bigger beast than we realized. 

Now, the only question is whether or not Bardock's role in this arc is done. The character popped up because of Granolah's grudge, but Monaito nipped it in the bud at last. Still, fans are eager to see more of Bardock, and his return was hugely appreciated by social media. So if Goku gets the chance to learn more about his dad, netizens would be happy to listen in. 

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