Dragon Ball Super Retools Broly's Berserker Boost For a New Fighter

The new chapter of Dragon Ball Super has dropped for January, and that means all eyes are on its heroes. As you can imagine, interest in Granolah is high as he is fighting Gas, but everyone just shifted their focus to the Heeter thug. After all, his true potential has been unlocked, and Gas' power calls back to Broly in a big way. 

The update went down in chapter 80 of Dragon Ball Super if you are not caught up. Fans were given the chance to see Granolah school Gas, but of course, that power shift did not last for long. Elec showed up and helped Gas unlock his real power by doing one simple thing. The man simply removed Gas' beaded necklace, and things went south from there on out.

By removing the beads, Gas was overcome with power, and he underwent a painful transformation where he went berserk. Gas not only attacked Granolah and Vegeta in this form, but he went up against his own friends in a blind rage. Even Goku was taken back by his wild new power, and if this description sounds familiar, it is because Broly did it first.

Now, you might remember when Broly debuted back in the day. His debut in the Dragon Ball Z movies is still favored by fans as they watched Broly tap into his legendary roots. His father kept that power at bay with a headpiece only he could remove, and Broly would transform into his berserk form whenever it was taken off. So now, Gas is experiencing a similar situation but with his beads instead.

Fans expect to learn more about this latent power as Dragon Ball Super wraps up its current arc. After all, Goku and Vegeta need to stop Gas, and Granolah is down for the count right now. It will fall to our Saiyans to settle Gas, so they better use what they learned with Broly ASAP!

What do you think of Gas' wild new transformation? Did his boost remind you of Broly's berserker phase? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.