Dragon Ball Super Gives SPOILER a Miraculous Revival

Dragon Ball knows a thing or two about reviving people, and fans cannot deny it. Over its tenure, the franchise has killed off its share of fighters only to bring them back. By the end of Dragon Ball Z, thousands if not millions were killed with Kid Buu's Human Extinction Attack. Of course, these people were all revived, and it turns out another resurrection has taken place in Dragon Ball.

The reveal was made in chapter 61 of Dragon Ball Super. The manga put out a new chapter this month that follows Vegeta after he comes back to Earth to fight Moro. With a new move at hand, Vegeta is able to use Forced Spirit Fisson to remove the life energy from Moro that the baddie stole... and it allows a good number of Namekians to return.

After Vegeta separates Moro from his stolen energy, the power is seen going back into Universe 7. It is Elder Pybara on Yardrat who notes that most killed by Moro will not return to life, but there are some special ones who may be able to.


"Too much time has passed for most of those alien races to come back to life. However, revival should be possible for tribes with potent life force," he explains.

Of course, his hunch was right as the Namekians are revived on New Namek. While those who killed by Moro's hand are unable to return, those who simply were sapped of energy came back to life. This is because the Namekians are a strong bunch with an even stronger life force. Their Dragon Balls ensured their corpses were whole enough for the revival to take place, so it seems the franchise is stocked up on Namekians once more.


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