New Dragon Ball Technique Could Set Up a Namekian Shocker

Dragon Ball fans know a thing or three about fusions given how popular they are in the series. [...]

Dragon Ball fans know a thing or three about fusions given how popular they are in the series. From the manga to the anime, characters like Goku aren't afraid to fuse with others if it means pulling out a win, but the same is not true for Vegeta. In fact, the Saiyan hates to fuse with others, and he has gained a power that could separate Piccolo from the familiar Namekians within him.

Recently, the power boost was revealed when Dragon Ball Super put out a new chapter. The explosive issue trended globally upon its release as it gave Vegeta an impressive power up, and the hero is quick to brag about his technique. The move, which is known as Forced Spirit Fisson, separates anything fused or absorbed by a host.

"I could even extract those other Namekians you combined with ages ago," Vegeta told Piccolo before adopting a cocky grin. "Care to try?"

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For anyone who might have forgotten, Dragon Ball did begin fusing characters long before Vegito or Gogeta showed up. Piccolo was one of the first to use the technique thanks to the Namekian Fusion technique. The method allows members of the Namekian race to assimilate with one another, and Piccolo does this on more than one occasion.

For instance, the first time Piccolo uses the move is when he assimilates with Nail. The warrior agrees to assimilate with Piccolo after sustaining lethal wounds, so Piccolo gains the man's warrior powers and experiences. The hero goes on to absorb Kami who is one of the race's leaders. If Vegeta were to divide the two, it is hard to tell how Kami and Nail would react. And even more importantly, such a divide could do damage to Piccolo and his hard-fought power level.

It seems unlikely that Vegeta would go through with such a cheeky threat, but it is hard to get a read on the former villain. Piccolo would not be a fan of the fisson, but there are those who would like to be. After all, the Universe 6 Namekians could use such a technique, so here's to hoping a Universe 6 arc happens sooner rather than later.