Dragon Ball Super Drafts Explore Granolah's Past and a Saiyan Reckoning

The Moro Arc has finally come to a close in the pages of Dragon Ball Super's manga, introducing us [...]

The Moro Arc has finally come to a close in the pages of Dragon Ball Super's manga, introducing us to a brand new arc that introduced the mysterious character known as Granolah, and with details of the next chapter having found their way online, we have seemingly learned far more about the origins of this enigmatic new warrior. In the previous chapter of Super, Granolah appeared in a bid to make his way to OG-73i, the artificial life form that was instrumental in Moro's plans to take over the universe and it's clear that the Moro Arc will have long-lasting ramifications!

For those who have been wondering just who Granolah is, it appears that he is not in fact a Saiyan but is rather an alien that was horribly affected by the Saiyan race's universe conquering ways under the guidance of the alien despot Freeza. With Granloah suffering from terrible dreams years after the destruction of his race, known as the Cerelians, he dreams of a very surprising character in the shape of Goku's father, Bardock. Granolah himself believes that the Saiyan race has been exterminated thanks to the energy ball unleashed upon them by Freeza, but will surely be in for a serious revelation when he discovers that Saiyans are alive and well in the forms of Goku and Vegeta!

Twitter User DBS Hype posted the summary from Chapter 68 of Dragon Ball Super, laying out not only the origin of Granolah, but also what this next installment has in store for Goku and Vegeta following the defeat of Moro after so many chapter battling the energy-absorbing wizard:

Granolah's origin is somewhat similar to that of a villain from the Dragon Ball GT series, Baby, who was an alien seeking revenge against the Saiyans following the loss of his race at their hands. Though we aren't quite sure whether or not Granolah will be played as a hero or villain against Goku and the other Z Fighters, it will definitely be interesting to further explore this universe wandering brawler.

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