Dragon Ball Artist Rings in New Year with Cute Goku Sketch

2020 was a rough year for Goku, with the Saiyan warrior getting his butt kicked in the pages of the manga, Dragon Ball Super, with the arrival of the energy-absorbing wizard known as Moro, to say nothing of the Z Fighter's anime still not returning to the small screen, but a Dragon Ball artist has re-visited happier times in the early days of Dragon Ball Z! Since the start of Z, Goku has come a long way when it comes to his overall power level, but he still remains a family man while further learning the secrets of being a Super Saiyan!

Dragon Ball Z began by introducing us to Goku and Chi Chi's son, Gohan, the hybrid fighter who would eventually become an essential part of the Akira Toriyama franchise. When Gohan was first brought into the world of the Saiyans, he was simply a young child who was looking to become a scholar at the passionate advice of his mother but found himself training beneath one of his father's greatest enemies in Piccolo. During his training, Gohan became close to the Namekian, who eventually helped the former villain find a path to redemption and become a powerful entry in the library of fighters.

A Dragon Ball Artist, Fenyo_N on Twitter, shared this fantastic drawing that takes us to the "simpler" times of the beginning of the Dragon Ball Z series, drawing a family picture that has the Son family gathering together, including Goku, Chi Chi, Gohan, and Goku's father-in-law in the Ox King:

The anime for Dragon Ball Super has taken a long hiatus following the end of the Tournament of Power Arc, with many waiting to see when the series will make its glorious return. As the manga gets ready to dive into a new arc, titled "Granola The Survivor Arc", there definitely is plenty of material to adapt in the television series whenever it returns!

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