Dragon Ball Super Just Gave Moro an Insanely OP Power

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super was supposed to be Vegeta's time, having returned to Earth [...]

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super was supposed to be Vegeta's time, having returned to Earth with a new power thanks to his training on the Planet Yardrat, but unfortunately, the villain Moro has different plans in place as he enacts a secret plan that has made him far more powerful than he's ever been. With the ancient sorcerer taking drastic measures in a big way to defeat the very different prince of the Saiyans, it seems as if the Z Fighters still have a big battle on their hands regardless of Vegeta's new abilities.

Warning! If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Chapter 61, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory!

With Vegeta's big return, he brought the new technique of Forced Spirit Fission with him from Yardrat, now being able to essentially undo fusions and energy absorbing techniques, putting Moro in quite the pickle. With Vegeta dismantling the newest villain of Dragon Ball Super, Moro is forced to escape from the battle by employing his greatest ability in his magic. Pulling energy directly from the Earth, lava erupts from the Earth's core and cuts off Vegeta from the chase.

Moro gets the opportunity to re-unite with his henchmen, enacting a plot that is essentially "in case of emergency, break glass". The energy stealing antagonist begins sapping strength from his own henchmen to regain the power he had lost against Vegeta, and even goes one step further, by actually eating his artificial goon in OG73. Taking on a brand new appearance that is far more human like than what we saw before, looking closer to Perfect Cell than anything else, it seems as though Moro now has far more tricks up his sleeve than ever before.

Dragon Ball Super Moro
(Photo: Viz Media)

Now, Moro seemingly has the ability to not only absorb energy, but also to use the powers of OG73, specifically in being able to mimic the powers of any three opponents that he comes into contact with. With this terrifying new power at his disposal, Moro seems to have entered into a brand new weight class and may prove more difficult to defeat for this new version of Vegeta.

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