Dragon Ball Super Reveals Moro's Deadly Back-Up Plan

Dragon Ball Super is coming to the climatic end of its current 'Galactic Patrol Prisoner' [...]

Dragon Ball Super is coming to the climatic end of its current "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" storyline. Goku and Vegeta are trying to defend Earth against new villain Planet-Eater Moro, who has come looking to suck Earth dry of all life. Goku powered up his Ultra Instinct power but was unable to master it and ultimately failed to stop Moro. Vegeta took a more ambitious journey to Planet Yardrat to master its Spirit Control technique, which led to a new set of powers that actually take Moro down. Unfortunately, Moro has one final (extremely gruesome) back-up plan to put into action - resulting in him becoming more powerful than ever!

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61 SPOILERS Follow!

When Vegeta arrives back on Earth, he does so using Instant Transmission - one of the many applications of Spirit Control. The other application is an advanced technique called Forced Spirit Fission, which allows Vegeta to separate an opponent from any absorbed or fused energy he/she has stored up. With Forced Spirit Fission, Vegeta is able to siphon all of the lifeforce energy that Moro has consumed in his campaign of terror across the universe. By the time Moro figures out what's going on, he's been de-powered and reverted by to his original form as an ancient and decrepit old goat.

Vegeta's big triumph is short-lived, however. In true Akira Toriyama fashion, Vegeta nearly claims victory and almost annihilates Moro - until the villain reveals one final back-up plan to escape defeat. In one of Dragon Ball Super's more gruesome moments, Moro eliminates one of his close henchmen for sustenance, before grabbing and eating his evil android enforcer, Seven-Three. Seven-Three's big power was the ability to copy the powers of whatever fighters he scanned - which included copying Moro's powers. At first, it seemed as though Moro had empowered Seven-Three to ambush Earth's Z-Fighters with an attack they weren't ready for - but it turns out that was just one reason for the move. Moro also let Seven-Three copy him in order to create a backup of his fully-powered form, which would be hidden inside the evil android.

Dragon Ball Super Moro Android 73 Fusion Power up
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

So, when Moro eats Seven-Three he's able to fuse with his body. Not only does that restore all of Moro's fully-powered abilities and strength, but it also presumably gives him Seven-Three's abilities, as well. That would mean Moro can now suck his enemies dry of energy; copy their unique powers, and use any of the abilities that Seven-Three had stored up inside of him. In short: he's just become Dragon Ball Super's most formidable villain ever!

You can read new Dragon Ball Super chapters online HERE. The anime is still on hiatus.