Dragon Ball Super Reveals New Moro Power Boost

The latest arc of Dragon Ball Super has shown both Goku and the new villain Moro unleashing their [...]

The latest arc of Dragon Ball Super has shown both Goku and the new villain Moro unleashing their strongest attacks, but it seems as though the latest villain in the Akira Toriyama franchise was hiding an ace up his sleeve with a power boost that is going to cause some serious problems for the Z Fighters. Since arriving onto the scene, Moro has shown off his unique ability to absorb energy not only from opponents that are in his way, but also from entire planets and civilizations that has made both Goku and Vegeta have to undergo some severe new training to stand a chance!

Warning! If you aren't caught up with the lastest installment of Dragon Ball Super's manga, Chapter 59, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we will be diving into some serious spoiler territory!

With Goku having finally arrived on Earth following his intense training with the renegade angel Merus, things seemed to be turning around for the Z Fighters. Moro's henchmen were easily brought low by Goku employing his Super Saiyan transformations, up until he was face to face with their leader in hand to hand combat. With Son realizing that he had no other choice to defeat Moro, he showed off the benefits of his training: being able to access "Ultra Instinct Sign" at will! As Goku begins his fight against the ancient wizard, it seems as if he has the upper hand but only for so long.

Moro, as he realizes that Goku in this new form is able to dodge his energy absorption and is far faster than the sorcerer, lets the Z Fighters in on a little secret, which is that he has yet to unleash his full power! In traditional Dragon Ball villain custom, Moro reveals that the planets he absorbed energy from has given him far more power than Goku had realized. While our Saiyan warrior still has a slight edge over Moro with Ultra Instinct Sign, Moro figures out that Goku can't maintain the form for long as it drains his stamina.

With the latest installment coming to a close, Goku unleashes his Ultra Instinct Sign transformation once again, pushing his body to its limits to have a chance to defeat Moro!

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