Dragon Ball Super Teases Moro's Godly Power Level

Dragon Ball Super isn't about to downplay the power of its villains. For characters like Moro, [...]

Dragon Ball Super isn't about to downplay the power of its villains. For characters like Moro, they thrive off the fear which they instill in people, and they do so with their strength. Readers will know Moro has done a great job scaring others into submission in the manga, and it seems the villain has even more power to show out.

Recently, Dragon Ball Super put out a brand-new chapter, and the update focused on Moro and Son Goku. The pair decided it was time to get things going with their awaited rematch. After Moro wiped the floor with Goku, the Saiyan underwent serious training to face the baddie again, and it turns out Moro was ready for such a counter. It turns out he's got more power to his name, and Moro says he is able to surpass the very gods now.

In fact, Moro says he's been able to surpass the power of the gods because of all the planets he's conquered and consumed. There is a lot of power lingering in Moro's body which he is ready to use against Goku, and the new manga update proves it is enough to shake the Saiyan. Moro is able to counter Ultra Instinct Sign when he powers up, and fans are curious how true his claim about being a powerhouse is.

"I've consumed countless planets since our previous encounter," Moro tells Goku. "All of which have filled me with enough power to transcend the very gods."

The villain's claim is a bold one, and it is hard to imagine Moro being more powerful than Whis. The Gods of Destruction are able to use hakai to totally destroy people at will, and they can snap a planet out of existence. Moro can consume a planet to power up, but he must have that energy to fight at such a high level. Beerus has his strength on standby without consuming an entire planet, so fans are willing to bet Moro is showboating right about now. And even if he is not bluffing, Goku will find a way to take down the Dragon Ball Super baddie.

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