Dragon Ball Super: Toyotaro Reveals the Goku Scene He Needed Toriyama's Help On

Akira Toriyama might not be as a hands on with the Shonen series that made the mangaka into a [...]

Akira Toriyama might not be as a hands on with the Shonen series that made the mangaka into a legend worldwide, but that doesn't mean that the creator of Goku, Vegeta, and the other Z Fighters doesn't still have influence over the latest adventures of the Saiyans and crew, as one of the artists of the series breaks down how Dragon Ball Super's creator helped him out! With the battle against Moro coming to a close in the latest chapter of the manga, both Toriyama and Toyotaro will surely have their hands full with the next adventures of Goku and his friends!

Though we have yet to receive any clues about what's in store for Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the gang in the next installment of Dragon Ball Super's manga, fans are crossing their fingers that the upcoming Jump Festa event, happening later this month, will lay out the next big saga of the world of Dragon Ball. On top of this, fans have been waiting to see when the anime series, produced by Toei Animation, will be making its return and whether said comeback will arrive as a new television show or a feature length film in the same vein as the insanely popular movie of Dragon Ball Super: Broly!

Twitter User Todd Blankenship shared the corrections from the latest volume of Dragon Ball Super's manga, documenting how Toriyama was able to make some changes into how Goku was portrayed with his eyes closed, noting that the creator of the Shonen series hadn't taken the opportunity to draw this scene too often:

Goku himself has been unique as a Shonen protagonist not so much due to his love of fighting, but due to his "lunk-headed" actions that he has taken far too many times to count. With the latest Moro battle, the world was nearly destroyed as he refused to put the nail in the coffin for the energy absorbing wizard and hoped that the villain could switch sides, becoming a new training partner for Son.

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