Dragon Ball Super Poster Pits Vegeta Against Invincible's Omni-Man

Dragon Ball fans know what it takes to pick a fight with Vegeta, and it doesn't take that much. [...]

Dragon Ball fans know what it takes to pick a fight with Vegeta, and it doesn't take that much. The Saiyan is ready to fly off the handle at any time, and he will take on just about anyone. Of course, Vegeta will keep his full power locked away unless a worthy opponent shows up, so fans have spent years pitting the Saiyan in what-if matches. And now, it seems the baddie behind Invincible has thrown his gauntlet down.

Over on Reddit, the user Malick34 decided to show out this new headcanon match for the fandom. As you can see below, the artist drew a sketch of how Vegeta might look if he picked a fight with Omni-Man from Invincible, and the piece itself is gorgeous.

Vegeta is shown to the right with a fist cocked back while his other hand is reaching forward. The Saiyan has his grip tight around Omni-Man's face, and the Invincible villain seems irate. Blood is streaked across his face, and Omni-Man's styled hair is in total disarray as he tries to escape Vegeta's grasp.

Of course, Omni-Man's popularity has only shot up in recent times. The animated superhero series Invincible is the one who elevated the villain, and fans of the show were taken back by his gnarly behavior. To put it simply, Omni-Man is a bloodthirsty fighter, but it seems Vegeta is really showing the villain who's in charge here.

It will fall to you to decide who wins this match. Vegeta has his own dark origins, and he killed plenty of people in hopes of seeing them through. These days, Vegeta aligns with Dragon Ball heroes more often than not, but his wild ways are still tucked deep within. He would not hesitate to let loose on Omni-Man, and the Invincible villain does warrant caution. As one of the most powerful Viltrumites to exist, so he is one tough alien. But when it comes to battle-lust, well - Vegeta has that in the bag.

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