Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Sets Up an Important Timeskip

Dragon Ball Super has fans eyeing Vegeta with its manga these days, but the anime just made the [...]

Dragon Ball Super has fans eyeing Vegeta with its manga these days, but the anime just made the whole fandom shift its attention. Not long ago, the franchise outed some big details about Dragon Ball's next film, and several character designs went live as such. And thanks to one piece of key art, fans know a huge time skip is on the way.

The whole thing was made obvious when Comic-Con @ Home shared its Dragon Ball Super panel. The virtual event saw the producers of Dragon Ball go live with the title of its new film, and it was there some curious artwork of Pan was shown.

As you can see below, the artwork shows Gohan's daughter in a new light, and that is because she is much older now. During the TV run of Dragon Ball Super, Pan showed up as a newborn, but she is a young girl in this new shot. In fact, the heroine seems to be as young as three, and she could even be as old as five.

If this is the case, then Dragon Ball Super is about to skip over a bunch of years. The manga follows in the steps of the TV anime, so its arcs are in line with the show's timeline. However, the same cannot be said for this movie. Pan is several years older here, so the manga arcs have already happened at this point.

It is also important to note that Pan's age brings her closer to the one she's at during the epilogue of Dragon Ball Z. The girl is said to be five during this finale, and she has been training consistently with her grandfather. Of course, Goku is still as strong as ever, and Pan shows great promise as a fighter. This impressive time skip brings Pan even closer to the end of Dragon Ball Z, and fans have long wanted to see how Dragon Ball Super will work once it nears this milestone. So for better or worse, it seems that breakthrough is closer now than ever before.

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