Dragon Ball Super Animation Imagines Vegeta vs Moro Finally Coming to the Anime

One slick Dragon Ball Super fan animation imagined what it would look like for Vegeta and Planet Eater Moro's fight to finally come to the anime! Toei Animation surprised fans when they announced that Dragon Ball Super will be getting a new movie next year, but unfortunately this announcement came without any real clue as to what we can expect to see. Making matters even more difficult is the fact that the Dragon Ball Super manga has been keeping the story going far beyond the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly with a major villain that fans would want to see animated.

The desire to see Planet Eater Moro officially come to the Dragon Ball Super anime along with the rest of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has gone to such heights that now fans are taking matters into their own hands and animating what this would look like themselves. Artist Mocha Z7 on YouTube has gone the extra mile and animated a key fight between Vegeta and Moro (highlighting the events of Chapter 62 specifically). Check it out in the video above!

Dragon Ball Super New Anime Vegeta Moro Fight Animation
(Photo: Mocha Z7 / Shueisha)

Dragon Ball Super coming back for a new movie is exciting enough of a prospect on its own, but what has fans most curious is whether or not this means that a proper anime series would be returning someday. Dragon Ball Super's manga has gone through not one, but two arcs since the end of the anime run, and the events of each of these arcs would be far too much to cover within the span of a single movie.

There's a hope that the movie ushers in a proper new era of the anime, and that's mainly so we can see the full extent of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner and Granolah the Survivor arcs play out with as much time as they need. If there is no new series, however, it could be a while before we actually get to see Moro in official anime action. Thankfully, artists like Mocha Z7 have made it happen spectacularly.

Are you hoping to see the fight with Moro get an official anime adaptation someday? Do you think there's a chance we'll see Moro in the new movie before he has a chance of appearing in a new anime series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!