Dragon Ball Super's Moro Arc Could Not Work as a Movie

With this year's Goku Day unveiling the surprise reveal that Dragon Ball Super would be getting a [...]

With this year's Goku Day unveiling the surprise reveal that Dragon Ball Super would be getting a new animated movie next year, many fans debated just what the new feature-length film would be about, and while some predicted that it might cover the Moro Arc, there are a number of reasons why this just wouldn't work as a translation. The Moro Arc introduced a number of big new elements to the popular Shonen franchise, setting up a number of big story beats that continue to play out in the following storyline of "Granolah The Survivor Arc", but simply couldn't be translated into a film.

The Moro Arc is easily one of the longest Dragon Ball Super Arc's to date, having covered over twenty-five chapters and over one thousand pages of the Shonen series. While the previous two films in the anime, Resurrection of F and Broly, weren't told in the manga proper, the best example is to look at Battle of Gods, which kicked off the series of Dragon Ball Super and was told as both a movie and within the anime series itself. The introduction of Beerus took place over the course of four chapters of the manga, which is less than twenty percent of the overall material in the Moro Arc.

Dragon Ball Super Moro
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Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the Z Fighters' battle against Moro takes place in multiple locales, with the horned sorcerer implementing a number of different forms in an attempt to swallow the energy of the universe for himself. There are simply too many elements, too many battles, and too many revelations to be crammed into a film of two hours, and in order to do so, the creators of the anime would have to make some serious cuts when it comes to depicting this story.

The Moro Arc is more than likely to be told in the anime series, whenever Dragon Ball Super returns to television screens, more than likely being spread over dozens of episodes to follow Goku's mastery of Ultra Instinct and Vegeta's learning of new techniques on the Planet Yardrat. With the series also incorporating Gohan, Piccolo, and the human warriors that make up the Z Fighters, the more time devoted to the Arc in the anime the better.

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