Dragon Ball Super Reveals A New Instant Transmission Technique

Dragon Ball Super has just revealed a new Instant Transmission technique, that turns Dragon Ball's teleporting ability into a formidable offensive attack! Instant Transmission was introduced in Dragon Ball Z, and gave Goku the unique ability to be able to teleport to any location in the universe he could sense. Dragon Ball Super took the baton a step further by having Vegeta learn the true nature of Planet Yardrat's "Spirit Control" technique – knowledge that let Vegeta do all kinds of incredible things (besides Instant Transmission). Now, however we have a villain who knows the Instant Transmission technique, and he's putting it to much different use! 

(WARNING: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 SPOILERS Follow!) 

The current Granolah The Survivor Arc is in its climatic rounds of final battle, as Goku and Vegeta (and the titular Granolah) do battle with the evil Gas, who used a new set of Dragon Balls to become the strongest warrior in the universe. Well, in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 Gas puts his title to the test against Goku's new Ultra Instinct transformation and Vegeta's Ultra Ego evolution. As it turns out, Gas has quite a few tricks of his own – one of them being some offensive Instant Transmission, which can be used against others! 

Vegeta's new Ultra Ego transformation allows him to gain power from taking damage in battle – power he turns against Gas! However, Vegeta gaining even a momentary upper hand enrages Gas to no end, and the evil warrior decides to put on a clinic using some special abilities of his own: like offensive Instant Transmission! 

Gas uses Instant Transmission to warp Vegeta to exactly where he wants him to be, just by pointing at the Saiyan with two fingers. The technique lets Gas effectively position Vegeta in key spots to take a beating – not to mention taking Dragon Ball's signature volleying attack combos to absurd new levels. 


Ultimately, using Instant Transmission on others is just one ability that Gas has in his arsenal. Vegeta is eventually beat down, forcing Goku to achieve a new form of Ultra Instinct to compete in the fight. Part of Goku's strategy against Gas is using Instant Transmission to warp behind him and blast him – proving that Goku is still the best warrior in the universe when it comes to using the teleporting ability. 

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