Dragon Ball Super Reveals Vegeta's New Spirit Control Ability

Dragon Ball Super's newest chapter revealed how Vegeta can use his Spirit Control abilities in a new way. The newest chapter of the series officially brought the fight with Planet Eater Moro to an end, and it was just as messy as you would expect following the cliffhanger which saw Moro fusing himself with the Earth and becoming a threat to the galaxy as a whole. Following his major slip-up in the previous chapter, Goku found himself in way over his head and got some major help from Vegeta and his Spirit Control abilities.

Chapter 66 of the series sees Vegeta return to the fight against Moro as he initially tries to use his Forced Spirit Fission technique to drain as much power from Moro as possible. But when he needs to help Goku re-energize himself to deal the final blow to Moro's forehead crystal, he quickly figures out how to do this in reverse and gather ki instead.

Upon returning to the fight against Moro, Vegeta begins striking the ground with as many attacks as he can to try and drain Moro. Moro's new form, however, is absorbing the Earth's energy faster than Vegeta can drain it. This becomes a problem when Goku can't get close to Moro's crystal, and even powers down from his Ultra Instinct form as Moro drains him as well.

Piccolo then asks Vegeta if he could use Spirit Fission in reverse to gather all of their energies to send it to the de-powered Goku, and Vegeta then realizes it's the same principle and this possible. Doing so sees Vegeta using a version of Goku's Spirit Bomb technique but it's just a massive ball of non-destructive energy that helps Goku get back to his full strength and take down Moro once and for all.

It had initially seemed like Dragon Ball Super was going to sideline Vegeta following his rematch with Moro. He had gone through the effort of going to Yardrat and picking up a new technique, but it looked like Goku was going to save the day and thus making Vegeta's effort essentially meaningless. So the newest chapter bringing him back to the fight to play this key role is a way of building back some of this good will for Vegeta's training.


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