Dragon Ball Super Explains Why Uub Was Needed to Defeat Moro

Dragon Ball Super has mastered quite a few tasks in its day, but there are few things the series does better than a last-minute save. The franchise has perfected the art of dues ex machina as plenty of arcs have been rescued by last-minute intervention. From surprise revivals to sudden sacrifices, Dragon Ball has done it all, and the manga did so recently when it revealed Uub was absolutely necessary to defeat Moro.

The surprising reveal came at the end of chapter 66. Dragon Ball Super spent much of the update fighting Moro as Goku and Vegeta failed to take down the villain. With the fate of the entire universe on their shoulders, Goku and Vegeta did their best to defeat Moro, but it was not happening. Goku was unable to summon enough divine power to reignite Ultra Instinct, and not even a Spirit Bomb could recharge the man.

dragon ball moro uub

Well, that is until Uub went and lent his power. The boy showed up from afar to revitalize Goku, and the spark of power he lent gave the Saiyan the energy to crack Moro open.

"It's Uub! Uub had the power all along!! Of course, the Grand Supreme Kai's divine power must have gone to the evil half of Majin Buu during the split. That means Uub inherited the same power," Dende told the group after Goku was saved at the last moment.

For those needing a refresher, Uub is the reincarnation of Evil Buu after the baddie was destroyed by Goku. His reincarnated spirit is held within the young boy, and Uub appears to be a force for good rather than evil. That is why he was easily convinced to lend Goku power during this fight with Moro, and his divine energy is what gave Earth a fighting chance against the intergalactic monster.


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