New ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Preview Puts Gohan In The Spotlight

It looks like Dragon Ball Super will do its best to get Gohan fans hyped next week. The anime has dropped a preview for its next episode, and Goku’s eldest son will be put in the spotlight as he challenges Universe 3.

This weekend, fans watched as Dragon Ball Super parted ways with someone Gohan did not see coming. Piccolo was suddenly taken out of the Tournament of Power thanks to Universe 4. The Namekian was ringed out by a mystery fighter with strange Ki, so Gohan is left to fight without his favorite tag-team partner. So, when Universe 3 comes knocking at Gohan’s door, the Saiyan will be ready to answer.

“Universe 3’s warriors reveal their trump card. Three of them unite into one?! With their unbelievably powerful attacks, we’re in deep trouble,” Gohan says in Dragon Ball Super’s new preview. The clip, which can be seen above, shows Gohan as he powers up against Universe 3 and its robotic fighters - but the hero will make sure no one else gets in his way.

“Dad, Vegeta, I’ll stop them here,” Gohan promises. “Watch, this is my full power!”


The clip does show Gohan using an intense Kamehameha wave against the merged warriors. Universe 3 could very easily get knocked out of the Tournament of Power if they aren’t careful against Gohan. The Saiyan is feeling spiteful after seeing Universe 6 be annihilated and Piccolo get knocked out. If the hero finds an opening to take a punch, Gohan will take it, and there is no promise the Universe 3 fighters will come out better off for it.

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